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We want to give a warm round of applauds for Lashauna and Teas From All Around the World, a newly opening online tea store. By providing organic and tradefree tea for all types of consumers who enjoy various types of tea, Lashauna offers customers an opportunity to blend their own teas with a variety of options from the beginning.


Teas From All Around the World emphasizes on 100% organic tea, so everyone of all background can enjoy the calmness tea can bring. There are several competitors who offer similar products. However, the uniqueness is in the customization of blending tea. With extensive care, Teas From All Around the World focuses on delivering fresh tea every time, by packaging them in tightly sealed eight-ounce cans. Each with its special care and brewing instructions, each tea drinker will be able to enjoy uniquely brewed tea at the comfort of their own privacy.

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